Jarod's Turkey Soup Recipe

Thanksgiving is one of our family's favorite holidays.  It used to go something like this...

Church in the morning, thanksgiving late-lunch...and then Jarod (Heidi's husband) would be in the kitchen for the NEXT. FEW. HOURS. picking every little piece of turkey off the bones, cutting all the vegetables verrrrryyy methodically, and making it all into a soup...which we'd have for dinner.  It was always amazing!! But...seriously, we'd rather just have Jarod around.  So, at some point, Rebekah took over the soup and it's made in 1/4th the time (with probably 1/4th the meat)!  

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Pumpkin Bread (Cake)

This is a recipe I found in my friend, Kristy’s Taste of Heaven Cookbook. I only tweaked it a little by adding a handful of caramel bits into the batter…as if this recipe wasn’t already decadent enough! I also changed the name of the recipe from Pumpkin Bread to Pumpkin Cake Loaf because it really is that delicious (and sweet!). It’s definitely yummier than your average pumpkin bread.  This would make a great “Thank You” gift to a teacher or a happy fall surprise for a neighbor! 

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