It All Began with Family Night...

This idea all began with a mandatory once-a-week-dinner we started 12 years ago called, Family Nights.  

Every Monday night, we would each take turns hosting dinner and no matter where you were throughout your day, you made it to Family Night.  Rebekah would bring her new baby, the only grandchild at the time, her husband Matt would come from the local high school where he was a teacher.  Heidi would come from some errand she was running for her new husband Jarod, who would come straight from a day laying brick all covered in dry cement.  Tami was attending the local University and would put her social activities on hold for an evening and Daddy would faithfully come from the office.  

Initially, we made Family Nights a priority because we were reeling from the loss of our mom...and we knew we needed to do something to keep our family connected.  We didn't know at the time that those Monday night dinners would become the heartbeat of our family.  We would catch up with our lives, tease each other, laugh, talk about politics, ooooo-- and ahhhhh-- over the meals, apologize for dried meat, brag about a well grilled steak...ask for recipes, compliment on a new chair bought, a fun shirt worn, we'd remember stories of our mom, watch the little cousins become friends.  Family Night is where we shared life...

Although we three sisters have always been the best of friends, those dinners are where our family as a whole became a unit.  It became a place where anyone was welcomed...and when they sat at the table, they were family as well.  The ultimate Family Night was when we celebrated the marriage of our Dad to his new beautiful and sweet wife, Rika.  We sat under a tent in his back yard and thanked God for being so kind to us. 

12 years of family nights later, we've discovered different talents, loves, interests, and relationships.  The are many more grand-babies added to the family, some of us have different jobs, we've moved around, and our family has grown...but we've remained the best of friends.  A couple years ago, Tami started asking Rebekah about the idea of writing down recipes that she and Heidi would make for Family Night dinners.  Always thinking we should have some creative project as sisters, we realized how we each have always had a distinct personality, interests, and voices in our family...and thus, the idea of TRIO was created.  


We hope TRIO will be like our Family Nights where anyone is welcome to come be a part of our family.  None of us are experts on a topic; we're just three sisters who love to talk to eachother, share things we discovered, exchange ideas, ask for life.  So we'd love for you to come join in as we create a small space here where we talk and share as a family.

- trio