Fall Favorites

There's simply nothing like fall in the midwest...it's the coziest time of year!! It has a way of recalling all the best memories and pulling on every sentimental string we have!! We were talking and thought we'd share what some of our favorite fall things are!! 

Rebekah's favorite fallFOOD...Yosenabe [yo-se-na-bae] (Japanese hot pot meal)

I love eating Yosenabe when the weather gets cooler because it's so comforting and nostalgic of my childhood. Yosenabe is a meal that is cooked in one big pot either at the table or on the stove and then brought to the table. Everyone dips their food out and eats it with a dipping sauce and/or rice. Everyone is gathered around sharing the steaming pot of food and something about that closeness and warmth makes me happy!

Trio- Nov-1.jpg

My favorite fall treat is hot apple cider with a shot of Carmel and a cinnamon stick! - Heidi

No one makes chili like Heidi's...I don't even know what it is about it, but it's just the coziest little hug in a bowl and she tops it with green onions, cheddar cheese, and Fritos. It's everything you want chili to be...sweet, spicey, indulgent...oh my word, my mouth is watering! When I was home recently, I'm pretty certain I embarrassed myself with all the bowls consumed! - Tam

image from pinterest.com

image from pinterest.com

Heidi's favorite fallDECOR...

I don't decorate for seasons much (call me Grinch) but I usually try to get a bit of something around my front door. And then good smelling candles inside makes people think I'm more festive than I really am. 😁

My favorite decor for fall are throws and afghans (I am such an old lady!!) - Bek

I looooove falling asleep to candles, but it's either dangerous, wasteful, or (if they're scented) I wake up suffocating from the smell!! But my aunt Cindy recently told me about these battery opperated candles that work on a remote and flicker!! So, I can be totally lazy and fall asleep to candles without being afraid of being Mrs. Rochester'd in my sleep! Sorry, Jane Eyre reference. ;) - Tam

Tami's favorite fallFASHION... 

I'm actually surprised that this short sweater coat (from Zara...kind of my go-to store!!) is my fall favorite just because normally, I wouldn't even have tried it on.  I tend to steer away from tops/sweaters with too much material because they either make me feel dumpy and like a chunky-monkey or I feel like there's so much material that I'm carrying around a bedspread with me! But this coat from Zara has turned out to be perfect especially as I've been traveling a lot this fall...it's cozy and warm without the bulk!!  

image from zara.com

image from zara.com

Favorite fall clothing item would be my suede ankle boots! - Bek

My favorite would be jeans and turtle necks. Love that the flare is back in! - Heidi