We three sisters are the best of friends.  Being raised by a Japanese father and American mother and having lived in both countries offered us a unique perspective on all things including food, music, pop culture, style, and design.  While other kids were watching baseball games with their dads, we were watching sumo wresting.  When friends were playing with Barbie, we were playing Christians in Hiding.  We grew up on Legos, Mozart, knowing who Cecil B. Demil was, and having to try every food at least once.  We've always loved our sisterhood, but have always known there's room for more...so if you can handle the crazy, we'd love to have you come along with us on this trio adventure! :)   


is the first born of us three, and we tease that she's our "Mother Goose"; always watching out for everyone.  She married Matt, the boy she fell in love with during the 5th grade.  Together, they live in the country where they have chickens, grow a garden, and raise their 5 beautiful children.

In college, Rebekah was a music major and has always had a love for art.  She's a true "nerd" at heart in the best way...as the books, movies, music, and hobbies she's loved are simply because she loves them.  We grew up listening to Garrison Keillor, had a crush on Charelton Heston, and knew Yo Yo Ma...all thanks to 'Bek' as we call her. 

After getting married, she took a dough class and began reading Every Day with Rachel Ray where she discovered her love and talent for cooking. She has a love for hospitality which has been the heartbeat to the inspiration of TRIO. 



is the best combination of classy, fun, and sweet.  She's the wife to Jarod of 12 years and they are parents to three of the sweetest little kids.  Jarod runs his own business which Heidi helps him with and laughs the hardest at all his jokes. ;)

Growing up, Heidi (or 'H') was always creating, drawing, and designing...whether it was cutting pictures out of magazines, running a wedding photography business, helping our mom design and decorate our home, or shopping for furniture and clothes.

Heidi has a very classic, simple, and sophisticated eye for design which translates to how she dresses her kids, decorates her home, or designs her yard.  She has  the ability to create a feeling of comfort and ease with minimal effort and sprinkles of fun!  



(aka Tams, Tam, Tam Tam...) loves being the baby of the family and lives-up that title with her independent spirit and love for spontaneity and people.  She is a photographer and writer, but her favorite title is sister, daughter, aunt, and friend.  

After reading one of her 7th grade school reports, our mom told her, "You're a writer"...and since then, she's become fascinated with story, talking to people, putting words down on paper, and relaying an event or emotion.  This love lead her to photography and a lot of traveling and friendships.

Tami's photography and wanting to learn along with others really pushed to make TRIO a reality and is so excited for this new adventure...and clearly, Tami is writing her own bio. ;)